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Why take photos?

Photos are a really important tool for Cumbria Canine Service and our clients.  For our clients – it means they can come home and look at the adventures that their much loved pets have been on – it helps to assuage some guilt at having to go to work to keep pets living in the style they are accustomed to!

In terms of the business, photos help to attract new customers – every dog walking business is unique, and what suits one dog may not suit another, or the dogs owner.  We pride ourselves on small groups, experienced staff and country side walks – in fact, unless specifically requested, we avoid on lead walks on pavement or roads where possible.

This November I decided to run a photo competition for the staff.  Each staff member had to pick their favourite two photos from the year, and send them in.  Their prize was to have their photo featured as our christmas card which goes out to all of our clients, with also a special individual prize for the staff member.

The next decision was who to judge the competition…I couldn’t do it myself, as I’m too intricately involved with the dogs – how could I pick fairly.  I decided to ask Carol Jeffreys, who is a lovely lady who has fundraised tirelessly this year for Fire Engine Oxygen Masks for animals in Cumbria.  Cumbria Canine Services made a donation from the profits of our Your End of the Lead workshop with Janet Finlay for this fundraiser, and I thought that Carol might like to look through some pictures of dogs and select her favourite one!
Here’s Carols comment about our first placed photo which is Lettie, taken by Hannah:

“because it made me belly laugh.  That is so typical of this gorgeous goofy breed and a wonderful action shot.  Well done to the photographer!!!”
In second place we have this photo of Mia taken by Sophie:
Carol said “Just love how the moment of cuteness has been captured.   A lovely little soul.”
And in third place we have Rufus and Otis: a picture taken by Hannah.

Carol said “Gorgeous pic and love the quirky angle!”
So there we have it – Lettie is our christmas card girl for 2019!  Lettie’s owner Jodie was delighted and said “I can’t believe it, I’m chuffed to bits”.
Just for kicks – heres the rest of the entries, which I’m sure you will agree are beautiful too.
Kibo – taken by Miranda

Fudge – taken by Miranda

Ginny & Maisie – taken by Jill

Alfie – taken by Jill
Luna – taken by Sophie

In other news – watch this space as we have a calendar arriving for 2020!


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