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Hello everyone!
It has been really busy at CCS HQ since I started up the business over a year ago (I can hardly believe it has been going a year already!). But this has meant that I haven’t really had time to keep up the blog- as I am sure you noticed.
Well, I am back and I have a whole programe of blog posts planned from training tips to funny stories from the week and much more!
This week, to ease you back into it, I thought I could start with a puppy profile, introducing you to one of the dogs that we have the pleasure of working with. And who better to start off with than one of the first dogs to join us here at CCS!

Meet Maise, a bundle of kisses and zoomies smushed into a spaniel body.

Maise is the cool kid on the block. No matter who she is out on a walk with, she is the dog that everyone wants to play with. Which is fine by her because she LOVES to play chase and happens to be pretty quick on her feet! In fact, she can out-stamina any dog we have on the books. Because she is so friendly (and popular) with other dogs, Maise has group walks and is always making new friends of all different sizes. If she had to pick a favourite my guess would be that she would pick Dougal the poodle who likes to race her.

It isn’t just dogs that Maise likes, oh no! Maise also quite likes pigs… OK not so much real pigs but she adores her squeaky pig toys and has been known to carry one out and about with her on her walks. Well, pigs need fresh air too I suppose!

It is always easy to tell how Maise feels about a person.
If she likes you, she will jump on your lap and play bitey face.
If she really likes you, she will lick you to death! Good job we like kisses here at CCS.

That’s all for now dog lovers. I’ll keep it short and sweet this week but keep your eyes peeled for the next blog!
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From me and Maise, happy trails!


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