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Tellington TTouch Workshop

Tellington TTouch is a gentle and effective technique that can help calm your dog, build confidence, and reduce reactivity and over-excitement. It is relaxing for both you and your dog and is an excellent way to enhance your relationship and improve your dog’s focus and training.

 Learn more at this one-day hands-on workshop. Participate fully, with or without a dog.

What is Tellington TTouch?

Tellington TTouch Training®, or TTouch, is a positive, dog-friendly approach to training and calming your dog. It recognizes that physical, emotional and mental balance are inextricably linked and that it is therefore possible to influence emotional responses and behaviour by relieving tension in the body. It uses a combination of specific touches, body wraps and leading exercises to increase confidence, self-awareness, mental and physical balance.


TTouch can help animals with a range of behavioural issues, including aggression, fearful and nervous behaviour, noise sensitivity and fear of fireworks, poor coordination and lack of balance (including pulling on the lead), problems with handling and grooming, separation anxiety, mouthing, excessive barking, chewing or licking, car sickness and travel problems, excitability and hyperactivity. It also improves performance and physical balance and, as such, is ideal for show dogs and agility dogs. It enhances the relationship between animal and owner, and is a very gentle way of teaching young animals to enjoy handling, including around the mouth, feet and nails, and of providing comfort and relief for older dogs.

It is easy to learn basic TTouches – no knowledge of anatomy is needed to effect change, and no harm can be done. We therefore particularly encourage owners to learn so they can work on their own animals. TTouch is compatible with other reward-based training methods such as clicker and, where appropriate, complementary to veterinary treatment.

T Touch for Dogs: one-day workshop

Learn how to use TTouch to calm your dog, build confidence and develop self-control, while improving your understanding of and relationship with your dog.  This one-day workshop introduces you to TTouch bodywork, body wraps and lead work.  You will learn how to recognise signs of tension and stress in your dog and how TTouch can change behaviour by improving your dog’s balance and reducing stress and tension. The workshop is practical and focuses on teaching you techniques that you can take away and use at home with your own dog. There are handler places for those whose dogs comfortable being in a room with people and other dogs. However it is not necessary to bring a dog to participate fully.


Janet Finlay is a TTouch Companion Animal Instructor and a member of the TTouch Guild. She is also a Member of the UK Association of Pet Dog Trainers (01046).

Places are limited. All dogs attending must be comfortable with people and other dogs.