Photo Walk

Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still― Dorothea Lange

We have a really exciting offer to present to you in collaboration with Lakeland Life Photography.

I’ve previously paid for photoshoots with my dogs, in studios and at home.  What I’ve always wanted to do was capture what made my dogs who they are, their charactertemperament, and the thing that they love doing the most – exploring our beautiful countryside.

What better way of doing this, then inviting a professional photographer on our walks?  When we take your dog on one of our photo walks, you will have me there to help get the best shots of your dog – I know how to get your dogs to display that perfect moody stare, or action shot run..combine these skills with a professional photographer – Lorna Preston, who has tons of experience and loads of passion for photographing dogs, and as a bonus also knows many of our clients due to her being a team member, and I think that is a recipe for some amazing photos for you.

I have three dogs myself, ranging in age from 6 to 11, and as arthritis has started to settle into Sox’s joints, I decided that I wanted an image of all of them that will be always be around to remind me just how amazing, fun, and cheeky they are and what a privilege it has been to share my life with them.  It was this conversation that led Lorna and I to think up the concept of the photo walk.

We’ve put together an offer for you, our customers that we think is the equivalent of a pamper hour for us humans – we will pick up your dog after talking to you about location and what kind of shots you would like, take them on a fantastic walk and get some beautiful pictures before returning them home to you happy and content.

All you have to do is book your shoot, sit back and pick your favourite as a print!


Discounted price for CCS clients of £50

1hr walk for your pet

Professional photographer

A choice of locations
(1 hour walk with 30 minutes allocated for picking up and dropping off)

One print of your choice

Multiple pet shoots available for additional cost

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