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“Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen.” ― Orhan Pamuk

Our Board & Train service is new to 2021! As with our standard boarding service, it is a bespoke and limited service and we are licensed with Copeland Council.  We only take a maximum of one dog during a Board & Train period or multiple dogs from one household only.

Your dog will live as part of my family, enjoying outings and walks with my own dogs, and if suitable the dog walking client dogs. Dedicated training sessions will take place daily in the form of 3-4 bitesize sessions. Each session will build upon the previous so that over the boarding period, the training will become more complex and your dog will become more confident and skilled.

Time left alone will be limited, and by negotiation with you the owner.

Training available (but not limited to):

Food Manners, Crate Training, Separation Anxiety, Guarding Behaviour, Loose Lead Walking, General Obedience, House Training

Included in package:

Daily feedback & updates about what your dog has been up to, Recorded videos of your dog in training, hand over session upon collection for us to go through the training we have implemented so you can carry this on at home. 

Other services are available at an additional cost during home boarding/pet sitting, such as grooming, hydrotherapy.

Previously to a confirmed home boarding booking, we would need to have at least two meetings with your dog and our own to ensure that your dog is a suitable match and will be happy and content.

Please contact us for more details.

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£500 per 7 day block

£750 per 14 day block

50% discount for second dog from same household

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