• Lynn Martin Roxy
  • Jody and her team take my little pride and joy Richmond for a walk twice a week for the last couple of months and I can honestly say it is the best decision I ever made. not only has Richmond lost some much needed weight but he has come in leaps and bounds with his confidence and is a lot less anxious to be away from the house and the kids. The trust I have in the team is amazing and richmond thoroughly enjoys exploring the new places he takes them. The walkers come like clockwork so he always knows when to get excited for their arrival. Keep up the excellent work guys x
    Amy-Leigh Reilly Richmond
  • First class for Ruben got him home he's exhausted and I feel better learning a few new tricks

    Katie Roper Roxy
  • Jody has been housesitting our 3 pugs for the last 5 days while we were away. the dogs were walked & Pixie has to take medication every day & this was done. she also took them out with on occassion, I believe they went to Zest for lunch & had a taste of steak. She kept us informed via messages & photos of what they were up to. We came back to 3 pugs who although were excited to see us, were not at all distressed. I would highly recommend Jody's services.

    Mary Hodgson Pixie, Candy, Amber
  • We have been taking our family husky puppy Ice to puppy training classes and he passed and graduated with flying colours today.... Jody is very highly recommended.... who ever said you cant allow a husky off lead walking isnt right all the time. With hard work and dedication and help from Jody.... he's come on leaps and bounds. Highly recommended for doggies!!!! This lady knows her stuff and is such a pleasure to have help from.

    Vicki Steele Ice
  • Thank you so much for walking letti while we were on holiday, she really loved her walks and waiting for you coming in the morning!!! Would definitely recommend you to everyone!!!

    Jodi Parke Lettie
  • We've just completed and passed the puppy course I highly recommend the puppy classes. Jody is very knowledgeable about dogs and very patient with the owners. I'm looking forward to the next level starting.

    Sandra Holt Kenny
  • Jody looked after our 2 border collies overnight, one whom is a rescue with some confidence issues and can be reactive. Jody very quickly got on excellent terms with both dogs, looked after them professionally and kept us well informed. Both dogs immediately became her firm friends; a testament to Jody’s skill and understanding. We warmly recommend her .

    Catherine Ashworth Sasha and Eddie
  • Jody has bent over backwards to help me out with walking my dog whilst I’m at work. No one else would travel to where I live but she went out of her way to make it work. I get regular updates and photos of the walks they go on, usually with other dogs to play with, in a variety of different places. I’m very grateful and can’t recommend CCS enough!

    Chris Arthur Mia
  • Jody provides an amazing service. We have Maise walked twice a day... mad springer! She loves it and loves the company of the other dogs. She always gives Maise a cuddle and trust her completely with her. Totally recommend walking service, and Maise has even been to puppy class once to show the other pups how it’s done! Jody is very flexible and is always willing to help out at short notice.

    Karina Simpson Maise
  • We have been using Cumbria Canine Services for dog sitting and walking for some time now. They are reliable, professional and very supportive. Our rescue dog has a few issues we are working through and he is coming on leap and bounds. Jody has helped him learn to behave around other dogs which has made a huge difference to us. We recently started puppy class and I can’t recommend it enough. We get loads of guidance and help if we are struggling to make our dog understandwhat we want. Really it is us owners who actually need the training! We are so impressed with the progress we have made already and people we know have even commented on how much more calm and well behaved our dog is. We have already got much further than we thought we ever would and it’s only week 2!

    Cat Davies-McChesney Barney
  • Great service, Jody looked after our dog in our home and stayed over night, gave us peace of mind and kept us well informed how her visit was going, Great with dogs and would def recommend and use again.

    Kita Rowland Nala
  • Brilliant session with Jodie today and our Border Terrier, Georgie. Can't believe the improvement in Georgie's behaviour in just 2 sessions! Jodie clearly understands what Georgie's 'issues' are, and is helping us to understand too , and be able to correct them. To be able to walk Georgie today, with another dog, was far more than I could have hoped for at this stage. Can't wait for the next training session, thanks Jodie.

    Janet Monaghan Georgie
  • Mutley is 4.5 year old rescue patterdale terrier, I have had him about 20 months. When I brought him home, he had separation issues, but when I gave him access to virtually all downstairs rooms he settled down after initial barking. Another problem Mutley has is when he sees people, with or without dogs, he gets extremely excited wanting to greet them, he is pulling on his lead, barking and yelping, not in a vicious way. This last 5/6 months, Mutley’s behaviour has changed. When at home he starts to get very stressed if he thinks I am going to leave him, he will get hold of a shoe, slipper, or even an item of my clothing and pace and run in circles making a little cry and panting (I am not always going out, but I may do something different). My next door neighbours have also informed me that he will start up barking after I have gone out, I have also noticed that he has been scratching the door to the hallway. When trying to put his harness on, he is jumping about and has started mouthing my hand whilst trying to put it on. I have also had to start using a chain lead as he was biting the lead, once outside I can change to a normal lead for comfort. He is also a danger to me when coming downstairs when he is in this stressed state, running in circles round me as I am going down. This is where Jody comes in to help train me to get Mutley into a calmer state when executing all of the above issues. We started off greeting a dog outside, the dog to be greeted was one of Jody’s, she showed me to turn round till I got his attention again, then try again, talking to him and using treats, until we can approach the other dog, this is still work in progress as we need to sort out his stress at home. In the house Jody suggested using a mat, he gets a treat if he gets onto it, I have 2 identical mats I can use round the house With regard to the lead/harness issue, they are hanging on the back of a cupboard door, as soon as the door opened he would be leaping up, now I use the mat for him to sit on using treats while I put on harness, so much calmer. Again using a mat at the bottom of the stairs, I give the command to go to his mat, I have some treats at the top, once he is on the mat, command to sit, then I throw treat down to him and walk down without any danger. I have purchased a slow feeder bowl, this has come in useful when I need to dry my hair, I time his mealtime. It takes him ages to eat his biscuits, or I use his kong with peanut butter and biscuits inside, I have also ordered a snuffle mat which will also keep him occupied. This is also work in progress, as there are still times when his stress levels overcome him and I can’t get through to him using the above, but I am pleased with what he has achieved so far.

    Kath Rippon Mutley
  • After only one session from Cumbria Canine Services my dog has stopped telling the whole village that she's going for a walk. Can’t recommend them highly enough.

    Jacquie Roach-Evans Jonie
  • Jan and her team have worked wonders with little Alfie. Alfie is only 18 months old now and was diagnosed with arthritis just before his 1st birthday. He was hopping everywhere and was very uncomfortable. Alfie is now a little rocket, not hopping at all. Just a normal little puppy. He is still going swimming to maintain how he is. I cannot recommend these guys enough. Alfie was terrified on his first day but now he is so much more at ease thanks to all the hard work.

    Eloise Alfie
  • I called Jody at very short notice to see if she could walk my three dogs. She took them out for two hours and brought them home again. She refilled their water supply and made sure they were ok before leaving them. She sent me messages with photos in to show me how happy they were all, be it slightly muddy 🙂

    Jennifer Briar, Max & Jessica
  • Winston, an 18 month Bernese Mountain Dog, first visited Jan and the team in June after an operation for elbow dysplasia. He isn’t the most confident of swimmers but the whole team do everything they can to make him feel comfortable and happy and he loves all of the attention and fuss! The difference in his strength is fantastic and it has really helped with his rehabilitation. Can’t thank Jan, Tracy and Jody enough x

    Amanda Winston
  • We couldn't thank Jody enough when we were both ill and couldn't get Bailey out for a walk on a daily basis. Bailey is so happy when Jody arrives and you can tell he adores her. It is also great that Jody varies the walks – we highly recommend Jody.

    Nick & Ann Bailey