Here at Cumbria Canine Services we place your dog at the centre of everything we do.

Whether its dog training, dog walking, home visits or pet sitting, we work with the owners to tailor an individual package that will suit each dog.

Our ethos when we train with dogs is based around consistency, kindness and relationship building. We believe the most important thing is to get to know you and your dog and find out what is most rewarding for your dog. Then we use this information to achieve your goals and objectives.

We use positive reinforcement; which means that we look for, encourage and reward the behaviours that we do want, and teach our dogs acceptable alternatives to the behaviours that we don’t want.

Meet the Team

  • Jody (LPDTI)
    Jody (LPDTI) Owner & Trainer

    Having previously managed a rescue kennel, I have extensive experience working with rescue dogs with behavioural problems ranging from aggression issues to separation anxiety right through to basic life skills such as recall, walking nicely on lead and food manners. I have fostered numerous rescue dogs and have experience in introducing new pets into a household, and matching families to new dogs.

    In 2013 I achieved my intermediate qualification with Pet Dog Training Instructors and in 2014 achieved my Instructor level award with them. During this time, I taught at Purple Paws Dog Training, taking on the intermediate class.

    I have three dogs myself, Sox, Buffy and Eddie, who are all Jack Russell cross breeds and provide constant opportunities to practice training and keep me on my toes!

    In a previous life, I worked as a teacher from 2007-2014 for Cumbria Music Service, working with both adults and children. If I’m not with my dogs, I can usually be found conducting Egremont Junior Band or taking part in other musical pursuits!


    • Level 3 Kennel management with the Animal Care College
    • Level 3 Small Animal Hydrotherapist
    • PDTI Instructors Award with Merit
    • First Aid Certification April 2018

    • Scentwork solutions for common canine behaviour challenges – Morag Heirs April 2019
    •Reactivity: A two-way street – Janet Finlay April 2019
    •Cognitive skills and function – Kay Attwood April 2019
    •Targeted Approach Protocol – Lynda Taylor April 2019
    • An Introduction to Tellington T-Touch Janet Finlay Sept 2018
    • How to change predatory chase behaviour in dogs – David Ryan May 2016
    • Teamwork Seminar: Building Cooperation with Your Dog On and Off Leash – Grisha Stewart May 2016
    • Handling Reactive Dogs – Brenda Aloff April 2016
    • Training Reactive Dogs – Brenda Aloff April 2016

    I am currently studying for an Advanced Diploma in Canine Behaviour Management Course with Compass Education.

  • Jill
    Jill Assistant Instructor

    I have had dogs all my life and cannot imagine life without them!  Having spent the past 3 years volunteering in a rescue with Jody, I now have four dogs, a black Labrador, staffie cross, a collie cross and an elderly Jack Russell.

    I love generally being around dogs and whilst volunteering I felt very proud when seeing a dog trot off to its forever home, knowing I played a part in it.

    I have spent a lot of time training my dogs in obedience and my Labrador and I even did a bit of fly ball which was great fun.  My role at CCS is assisting with the puppy/beginner classes, which I have thoroughly enjoyed so far.

  • Nick
    Nick Assistant

    I have been involved with dogs and cats most of my life. Since moving to Cumbria I spent time volunteering at a rescue centre as a dog walker, and worked closely with Jody on several projects.

    I have one dog, Bailey, who was a rescue when he came to me, Bailey had a few issues that I’ve worked through with him, so I understand the different needs and requirements of each individual dog.

    I hold a current First Aid qualification, and have more development courses planned in the future. Having used CCS excellent services previously, I am delighted to have been invited to join the team.

  • Courtney
    Courtney Volunteer dog walker

    Hi my name is Courtney . . .

    I have had lots of different pets all my life and I love all animals. I have a special rapport with dogs. I don’t talk much as I have autism, but I love to talk to the dogs that I volunteer with, as I feel they can understand me.

    I have previously volunteered at an animal rescue centre, and I also volunteer at the Lake District wildlife park every week. I have a current canine first aid qualification. Currently I have four dogs, two staffies, Asha and Zena and two shitzus called Bella and Tikka. I also have three cats: Zoe, Mia and Snowy, Cody the parrot, Ben the hamster and some tropical fish!

    I really enjoy walking with the staff at Cumbria Canine Services and the dogs, as I can relax and be myself. I am hoping to attend Newton Rigg in September to study an animal management course.

  • Miranda
    Miranda Dog Walker

    I have had a love of animals for as long as I can remember, and I currently share my home with three cats, although I have been around dogs for my entire life.  My love of dogs and the outdoors led me to volunteer at a rescue centre, before being offered this amazing opportunity to join Cumbria Canine Services as a dog walker.

    So far I am loving the job, and feel that I learn something new every day.

  • Kath
    Kath Assistant

    I have a patterdale, Mutley, rescued from the rescue centre I volunteered at, which is where I met Jody. I volunteered for 2 years and enjoyed walking the dogs who had to be rehomed for various reasons. I enjoy walking and being able to walk with different dogs makes it more enjoyable, they all have different characters, which is what I love about my work.

    I have a canine first aid certificate and look forward to taking further courses to help with the job I love and dogs I’m working with. I took part in the Tellington T-touch workshop with Janet Finlay and I’ve found it invaluable during my working day.

  • Hannah

    Hi I’m Hannah, mum of four. Two with four legs (Pogba and Dougal) and two with two legs (Isabella and Charles). I’m an animal enthusiast, especially dogs. I love the outdoors and spend most of my spare time finding new places to explore and walk. I have previous experience of dog walking and decided to return to the job I love when the opportunity arose. I feel privileged to be part of a great team.